Upcoming Cons 2017

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All the news related to the upcoming cons for the year 2017. I will be in table partnership again with Elementis Art. Don’t hesitate to check her page: http://www.elementisart.com/ The list of all the events we wish to register and also those … Read More

Nostalgia : Final Fantasy 2017 Calendar

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Hello! I want to introduce the goal of my Nostalgia series. A Final Fantasy calendar of 14 months. Bringing together avatars from the first to the thirteenth game and two small extra that have a special place in the universe. Available for to order in the … Read More


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Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand new site. I begin this blog by giving you details of the conventions that I will attend this year. I will be in partnership with Elementis Art. Don’t hesitate to visit her page: http://www.elementisart.com/ … Read More

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